About us

Em Vida is a Ukrainian brand of professional makeup tools, founded in Lviv in 2016.
The history of a brand had began long time before it was founded.
We had been spending much time studying the technology of makeup brushes manufacturing
and learning how natural and synthetic bristles work with modern decorative cosmetic products.
As a result, first Em Vida's makeup brushes collection was presented at 6th of August 2016.

We set ambition goals and constantly accumulate knowledge and experience by visiting international beauty-exhibitions.
The factories where Em Vida products are produced and suppliers of packaging materials are regularly checked to be in compliance with quality standards.
Therefore, we welcome a constructive feedback from each buyer.
It helps us to become better and constantly improve a quality of Em Vida's brand products.

Our goal is to offer high quality makeup tools for both  professional makeup artists and the beginners in the field of makeup.
Each of you deserves to look beautiful and Em Vida professional tools help you in creating unrivaled makeup looks every day!