Hello, I am Emma Grynchak
Founder and CEO of Em Vida
We have created this survey to improve the range of our products and customer service. After filling out the questionnaire, we will send you a promotional code with 15% discount
Please answer the following questions:
Which messenger in the most convenient for you to use?
Your prefer to place your order:
In the field of beauty you are:
What is your favourite Em Vida's makeup brush (you would like to buy)?
What's your favourite other brand's makeup brush?
Who are 3 best makeup artists from Ukraine?
How do you rate Em Vida brand's product assortment?
What makeup brushes have to be added to Em Vida's collection?
What additional makeup accessories Em Vida brand's product range must be updated with?
What is your opinion on the pricing policy of Em Vida?
Are you tracking your personal expenses and income?
Are you tracking business expenses and income?
Have you passed online trainings since the beginning of 2020?
What were the topics of online trainings that you passed?
Your hobbies and passions except routine beauty?
How did you hear about us?
Do you recommend Em Vida to your friends?